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Elon Musk did not find a place in the community of "green" bitcoin miners
Sailor said the organization is open to anyone in the industry who wants to share energy and hash rates for research and educational purposes.

BMC membership is free.  During the first year of operation, all expenses related to the organization's activities will be covered by its founders, including Argo Blockchain, Marathon Digital Holdings, Galaxy Digital, MicroStrategy and others.

The group will transfer the excess funding to bitcoin developers.

North American miners decided to create BMC after meeting with Elon Musk, where they discussed the industry's impact on the environment.  According to the project's website, the Tesla founder has no role in the organization.  His participation was limited to attending the May teleconference.

Earlier, fintech entrepreneur Ragnar Liftrasir called BMC a "regulatory takeover" of the mining industry.  He noted that the Council will become a "centralized contact point" for the authorities.

The group stressed that it does not seek to change the decentralized nature of Bitcoin or its fundamental principles.  All BMC members are independent players.  The organization has no plans to introduce energy standards for its members.

Recall that Marathon Digital Holdings is going to build a "green" data center for bitcoin mining in Texas.

In May 2021, the mining company BIT Mining Limited announced the construction of an enterprise with a capacity of 57.2 MW in the same state, of which 85% will be generated using clean and low-carbon electricity.

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